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APA™ – Lightweight. Portable. Intuitive.

A fusion of traditional pediatric with pioneering video technology.

Difficult intubation occurs in around 2% of routine anaesthetic cases while in the pre-hospital setting the rate is as high as 7% to 10%. Worldwide, up to 600 patients are estimated to die annually as a result of the complications that occur during tracheal intubation.2 Direct laryngoscopy is an effective method for securing the airway while video-assisted laryngoscopy provides an improved view of the glottis.

APA™ Video Laryngoscope is a multi-functional device designed to aid intubation for both routine and difficult airways.

As a traditional laryngoscope

The handle offers high intensity LED illumination.

As a video laryngoscope

APA™ offers improved line-of-sight visualization (up to and including some Mallampati grade III).

As a difficult airway device

A unique prism directs the line-of-sight around the anatomy. The blade is designed to assist in lifting the epiglottis for grade III and IV cases. The built-in tracheal tube channel assists the ETT into the laryngeal opening.

As a teaching tool

The video output allows connection to an external monitor or a video transfer/recording device as an effective teaching aid for novice users and trainees.

Diverse patients. One device. Customised Solutions.

APA™ is an all-in-one traditional and Video Laryngoscope for routine, pediatric, rescue and difficult airways. Its multiple interchangeable components permit you to switch between MAC, MIL, Oxygenation and Difficult Airway allowing you to build the airway device to suit your patient needs.



Need more time to intubate? MAC 3 and MAC 4 oxygenation blades assist routine endotracheal intubation by delivering continuous oxygenation during laryngoscopy, when additional apnoeic oxygenation is clinically advantageous.


Introducing the new Miller style interchangeable Camera Module and blades to help your pediatric intubations. pediatric blades are available in sizes MIL 1 and MI.


APA™ can be used as both a traditional laryngoscope and as a Video Laryngoscope for improved visualisation to assist you in securing the airway. For your routine airways a MAC 3 and MAC 4 blade are available.

Difficult Airway

A unique prism directs the line-of-sight around the anatomy. The blades are designed to assist in lifting the epiglottis for Cormack-Lehane grade III and IV cases. Our original DAB (Difficult Airway Blade) offers a built-in tracheal tube channel to assist the ETT into the laryngeal opening and we also offer the U-DAB (Unchannelled Difficult Airway Blade).

Product code Description Qty/Box
Video Laryngoscope
109-701000 APA™ Video Viewer and Charger 1
109-701006 APA™ Handle 1
109-700930 APA™ MAC Camera Module 1
109-702910 APA™ MIL Camera Module (S) 1
109-702930 APA™ MIL Camera Module (L) 1
Blades (single use)
109-702110 APA™ MIL 1 Blade (clean, non-sterile) 10
109-702120 APA™ MIL 2 Blade (clean, non-sterile) 10
109-700130 APA™ MAC 3 Blade (clean, non-sterile) 10
109-700140 APA™ MAC 4 Blade (clean, non-sterile) 10
109-700170 APA™ DAB (clean, non-sterile 10
109-700180 APA™ U-DAB (clean, non-sterile) 10
109-700330 APA™ O2 MAC 3 Blade(clean, non-sterile) 5
109-700340 APA™ O2 MAC 4 Blade(clean, non-sterile) 5
109-701004 APA™ Video Cable (3.0m) 1
109-701008 APA™ Carry Case 1