The benefits of using Flusso™ are divided into three main areas:

Clinical Benefits

Reduction of repetitive over-distention and collapse of alveoli resulting in prevention of alveolar injury during positive pressure ventilation by minimizing circuit disconnections and subsequent lung de-recruitment.

Staff Safety

Reducing the number of breaks in the ventilator circuit minimizes staff exposure to organisms with the ventilator circuit during both active and passive ventilation.

Infection Control

Flusso aligns with Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) protocols by lessening the need to break the ventilator circuit thereby reducing the potential of introducing organisms into the patient breathing circuit.

Overview on the clinical application of Flusso™ By Pass and Flusso™ TFI

Therapy Flusso™ By Pass Flusso™ TFI
Ventilator circuit change
Add / remove Aerogen
Expiratory filter change
Add / remove MDI adapter
Change humidity systems
Optimal placement of IV lines
Add / remove nebulizer
Change ventilator flow sensor
Change in-line suction
Add / remove nitric oxide
Add / remove Flolan
Lung volume recruitment maneuvers
Manual bag-in medications
Add / replace HME
Patient proning
Patient transport
Seamless addition of secondary ventilator source
Continuous gas flow
MDI delivery
Nebuilzer delivery

Benefits of the Flusso™ By Pass Adapter

A quick overview of the RT-invented Flusso™ By Pass Adapter to assist in the way we manage mechanically ventilated patients.

What is the Flusso™ By Pass Adapter?

Why do you need it?