Horizon™ Hyperinflation System

Deliver a high standard of care while effectively managing healthcare costs with the single use Horizon Hyperinflation System. Each system comes standard with an integrated pressure manometer. Optional components and comfort features allow you create a custom resuscitator to meet the needs of each patient and of your facility’s budget.

Hyperinflation System

  • Systems equipped with a stay-put dial to enable clinician to achieve targeted static pressure
  • Three pleated breathing bag sizes available: 1/2, 1 and 2 liter
  • Non-inflatable face masks available

Hyperinflation System

Series Description PK
1000HZ Hyperinflation System Standard PK
2000HZ Hyperinflation System + Manometer + Pop-Off PK
3000HZ Hyperinflation System + Manometer PK

Convenience Components

 Face Masks

Non-inflatable, air-filled, soft cushion masks are available in variety of sizes

Safety Components

 Integrated Pressure Manometer

The innovative color-coded dial clearly denotes pressure delivery:

Green     Target pressure level <20cmH2O
Yellow    Potentially dangerous pressure level
Red        Dangerous pressure leve

 Pop-Off Valves

40cm/H2O & 25cm/H2O pop-off provides an extra safety feature to prevent peak inspiratory pressures from reaching excessive levels further protecting the infants fragile lungs