IntelliGuard® Intelligent Inventory Solutions

Founded in 2006, IntelliGuard is headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif. We offer Intelligent Inventory Management Software Solutions powered by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID.) for use in the US, Canada and EU.


Featured Products

IntelliGuard® Pharmacy

Faster, Safer RFID-Enabled Kit and Tray Processing.
Proven to save staff time and provides assurance each task is performed with 100% accuracy.

IntelliGuard Anesthesia Station

IntelliGuard® Anesthesia Bridging the Gap Between Pharmacy and OR.
The first real-time RFID inventory management system that operates at the point-of-care.

IntelliGuard® Smart Cabinets

Real-Time Visibility for High-Value Drugs.
 Smart cabinets that automatically track, control and monitor critical drug inventory levels and temperature.

IntelliGuard® Insights

 Data-Driven Decision Making.
A powerful analytics engine that transforms pharmacy inventory data into a strategic business intelligence tool.

Vendor Managed Inventory System

RFID-enabled Controlled Temperature Cabinets.
Confidently monitor remote inventory and track products as they are used – with no manual counting.

Full-Service Implementation

Simple, thorough and painless full-service implementation.
The implementation and consulting team is comprised of highly experienced certified pharmacy technicians.