Now, finally, active heated molecular high humidity can be accomplished during general anesthesia without the expensive and bulky heated humidifier and water bag systems that are more properly suited for long¬ term mechanical ventilators.
The ANAPOD™ system is a unique, self¬-contained approach, eliminating manual temperature balance and humidity control. It is an easy, safe and effective method to actively heat and humidify inspiratory gases during anesthesia to help maintain thermoregulation and minimize post¬anesthesia respiratory complications. Supplemental airway heat and humidity during anesthesia aids in the prevention of intraoperative hypothermia and can be used on virtually every intubated patient, even when other means of heating such as blankets or wraps are not feasible. Plus, active airway humidification helps to counteract the deleterious effects of dry, irritating anesthetic agents on the respiratory tract, thereby mitigating respiratory complications of anesthesia.
The innovation behind the ANAPOD Heated Humidification System for Anesthesia is its proprietary self¬-contained water reservoir: in the tubing! A unique cellulose fiber wick and an extra low¬ energy heating wire runs the length of the inspiratory limb of the anesthesia circuit.

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99-9411 60" 28V Heated Single Limb Breathing Circuit for Pediatrics, Sterile Water, 40 CM Pop Off Valve, 15" KROT (18/cs)
99-A4070 Anapod Replacement Cable
99-A4071 Anapod Power Supply