APA Video Viewer and Charger

APA Video Viewer and Charger


Difficult intubation occurs in around 2% of routine anaesthetic cases,1 while in the pre-hospital setting the rate is as high as 7% to 10%.1 Worldwide, up to 600 patients are estimated to die annually as a result of the complications that occur during tracheal intubation.2 Direct laryngoscopy is an effective method for securing the airway while video-assisted laryngoscopy provides an improved view of the glottis.

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Part Number

109-700130 APA™ MAC 3 Blade* (clean, non-sterile)
109-700140 APA™ MAC 4 Blade* (clean, non-sterile)
109-700170 APA™ DAB* (clean, non-sterile)
109-700180 APA™ U-DAB* (clean, non-sterile)
109-700330 APA™ O2 MAC 3* (clean, non-sterile)
109-700340 APA™ O2 MAC 4* (clean, non-sterile)
109-700930 APA™ MAC Camera Module
109-701000 APA™ Video Viewer and Charger
109-701001 APA™ Video Viewer Charger
109-701003 APA™ Video Cable (1.5m)
109-701004 APA™ Video Cable (3.0m)
109-701006 APA™ Handle
109-701008 APA™ Carry Case
109-702910 APA™ MIL Camera Module (S)
109-702930 APA™ MIL Camera Module (L)

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