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bili hut™

“Baby-friendly” phototherapy

12 hours!

Developmentally-designed by a neonatologist, the bili-hut™ is approachable for parents, encourages breastfeeding by allowing for natural positioning without cumbersome wires attached and the treatment times rival triple phototherapy, like that provided in a hospital NICU. For otherwise healthy babies (35+ weeks and 2500+ grams), the bili-hut is averaging 12 hours to reduce bilirubin to safe levels. Having the newborn under blue LEDs for less than 1 day is a significant patient family satisfier vs multiple days of treatment with other phototherapy devices.

With demonstrated efficacy exceeding NICU devices and taking days off treatment time vs other portable phototherapy options, bili-hut has a unique curved light canopy that illuminates maximal skin area with high intensity treatment as recommended by the AAP. Bili-hut is ultra-portable and collapsible to easily set up at mom’s bedside to encourage breastfeeding and bonding during treatment and is FDA approved for hospital and home use



Read more about how bili-hut™ phototherapy significantly reduces treatment time, lowers cost and supports breastfeeding below:

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