ENPLUGs are designed for emergency use to keep stomas from closing when a gastrostomy device has fallen out. The ENPLUG packs are available in 2 different lengths and various French sizes in case the stoma has already started to close and the current French gauge tube no longer fits the stoma


Product Features

  1. Stops stoma sites from closing
  2. Saves the stoma until a newgastrostomy tube can be placed
  3. Includes a range of French gauge sizesin each pack to provide options evenwhen the stoma has started to close
  4. Effective, safe and inexpensive
  5. Saves staff time in emergencysituations
  6. Promptly dealing with gastrostomyemergencies prevents use of otherincorrect or inappropriate feedingdevices
  7. Made from high grade medical siliconefor flexibility
  8. Tapered tip for ease of insertion


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