EZ Communication Boards

EZ Communication Boards


The Vidatak EZ Communication Board is an evidence-based, patient communication board designed by patients and supported by clinical research to improve patient satisfaction, reduce frustration, and improve patient outcomes. They are the perfect communication aid for providing point-of-care, readily available communication resources for patients who are rendered unable to speak. The EZ Boards are 17 x 11, two-sided, dry-erase boards which come individually shrink-wrapped with dry-erase marker. Today, the EZ Boards are available in 17 languages and as a Picture Board.

Additional information

Part Number

MDI-001 – English
MDI-002 – Spanish
MDI-003 – Chinese
MDI-004 – Vietnamese
MDI-005 – Korean
MDI-006 – Russian
MDI-007 – Tagalog
MDI-008 – Hindi
MDI-009 – Japanese
MDI-010 – Arabic
MDI-011 – Polish
MDI-012 – French
MDI-013 – Portuguese
MDI-014 – German
MDI-015 – Italian
MDI-016 – Indonesian
MDI-017 – Farsi


Picture Board: MDI-040