LTV 1100

LTV 1100


For patients who require volume ventilation, the LTV® 1100 ventilator cost-effectively offers invasive and noninvasive ventilation modes in pressure support, volume control and spontaneous breath types. Small and easy to use, it also provides portability for patients on the move or at home—whether on a stand, in a backpack or in a custom carrier.Optimized Patient Care: The LTV 1100 ventilator features a simple user interface, extensive monitoring capabilities and a comprehensive alarm package.Anytime Transport: Turbine technology in the volume ventilator eliminates the need for compressed air, allowing transport ventilation where and when you need it. Versatility and Comfort: Unlike many other home-care ventilators on the market today, the LTV 1100 ventilator offers highly customizable settings to support patient success as respiratory conditions stabilize or accelerate.Protected Power: The ventilator can use a wide variety of power sources and an internal battery that further ensures security. It can be connected directly to a wall outlet using the LTV AC adapter, vehicle power adapter or external battery options including our SprintPack™ Battery Lithium-Ion Power System.

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