Neopod “T”

Neopod “T”


The Neo-Pod “T” maintains proper conditioning of inspiratory gas during brief as well as lengthy transport situations to help maintain the infant’s neutral thermal environment and prevent inspissation of airway secretions. Adequate inspired gas temperatures are associated with a lower incidence of pneumothorax and a decreased severity of chronic lung disease in ventilated very low birth weight infants. Mechanical ventilation during transport, even bagging, without humidification, can result in heat loss through the lungs, making proper thermoregulation more difficult.


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99-4006-1 NeoPod Transport Humidifer with Pole Mount
99-4350 NeoPod Plastic Cartridge Bracket (5/pk)
99-9400 NEO-POD T Cable for DC Connection
99-9401 NEO-POD T AC (110/240V) Connecting Cable
99-9403 Universal Neonatal Circuit w/Lavabed Cartridge (20/case)
99-9403U Universal Neonatal Circuit w/Lavabed Cartridge- UNBONDED (20/case)
99-9405 High Flow Neonatal Circuit for use with High flow cannula (10/case)
99-9409 NeoPod Lava Bed Kit (10/cs)
99-9419 24" Neonatal Extension Tubing Set (20/cs)