Nursing Support

Nursing Support

ISOSAF™ Nursing Support Tube Intended to enable mothers to simulate breastfeeding when they would otherwise be unable to do so. The support tubing can be used for suckling training, to stimulate the mother’s milk production, and to maintain skin‑to-skin contact between mother and child. Can be used with expressed milk, fortified human milk or formula.


Features & Benefits

  1. Open atraumatic rounded distal tip for enhanced flow
  2. Male ENFit connector to attach Enteral syringes, extension sets and giving sets
  3. Soft polyurethane tubing for comfort
  4. Clear Grip plaster for easy securement to the breast
  5. Versatile – the device can be connected to an array of delivery vessels and fluid delivery methods via pump, gravity or slow plunging (as per healthcare professional advice)

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