Sirius Laryngoscope

Sirius Laryngoscope


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  • Sirius XL are reusable blades with an enclosed, non-replaceable fixed glass fibre light guide. The system requires no disassembly for cleaning.
  • The non-replaceable glass fibre bundle is fully enclosed in the blade which allows easy cleaning.
  • The fibre core is positioned to offer the least obstructed view.
  • Clear product information etched on the blade.
  • 3 metal ball bearings for secure fitting.
  • Green ISO 7376 fitting metal block compatible with reusable handles.
  • Fully autoclaveable metal blade, covered by a 5 year guarantee or 4,000 autoclaves, whichever is sooner.
  • Atraumatic distal end.

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Part Number

112-2955.150.05 Sirius Macintosh Blade O Fibre (EA)
112-2955.150.10 Sirius Macintosh Blade 1 Fibre (EA)
112-2955.150.15 Sirius Macintosh Blade 2 Fibre (EA)
112-2955.150.20 Sirius Macintosh Blade 3 Fibre (EA)
112-2955.150.23 Sirius Macintosh Blade 3M Fibre (EA)
112-2955.150.25 Sirius Macintosh Blade 4 Fibre (EA)
112-2955.175.15 Sirius XL Eclipse Macintosh Blade 2 Fibre Tilting Tip
112-2955.175.20 Sirius XL Eclipse Macintosh Blade 3 Fibre Tilting Tip
112-2955.175.25 Sirius XL Eclipse Macintosh Blade 4 Fibre Tilting Tip
112-2955.185.03 Sirius Miller Blade 00 Fibre (EA)
112-2955.185.05 Sirius Miller Blade O Fibre (EA)
112-2955.185.10 Sirius Miller Blade 1 Fibre (EA)
112-2955.185.15 Sirius Miller Blade 2 Fibre (EA)
112-2955.185.20 Sirius Miller Blade 3 Fibre (EA)
112-2955.185.25 Sirius Miller Blade 4 Fibre (EA)