What is the V-CareNeT™ Package Registration Code (CPRC)?

Code needed to activate V-CareNeT™ Package for either 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 beds/patients
Main Features of V-CareNeT™:

Remote monitoring and secondary alarm surveillance for up to 40 SenTec Digital Monitors being connected to the same network as the PC with V-CareNeT™
Possibility to remotely set ‘Operator Events’ and ‘PCO2/PO2/SpO2 Baselines’ on the included SDMs during patient monitoring
Remote control of certain settings of the included SDMs (Alarm Limits, Display Brightness, Display in Sleep Mode, Delta Time,…)
Download of ‘SDM Trend Data’ stored in the internal memory of SenTec Digital Monitors for subsequent analysis, viewing and reporting. With V-CareNeT™ download of ‘SDM Trend Data’ is simultaneously possible for multiple SDMs