WaterPAP Pro

WaterPAP Pro


Designed with the busiest NICU in mind, the WaterPAP Pro features an internal canister with a zero level limiter. When heated, humidified air reaches room temperature water in the canister, the air bubbles are cooled and release water. This release of water adds to the water level in the canister over time and thereby adds to the CPAP pressure the patient is receiving. WaterPAP Pro directs this excess water out of the inner canister through the zero level limiter, eliminating the need to aspirate on a regular basis.

The WaterPAP Pro zero level limiter takes care of the inadvertently drained water and brings the level back to zero without the need for intervention.

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Part Number

WP 99-7704 Bracket with Tube Guide
WP 99-7800 WaterPAP PRO Setup Includes: Coaxial Canister with 0-10cm Graduated Label, 10mm Corrugated Tube Affixed with Air Diffuser, Tube Lock Top & Protective Cover
WP 99-7805 WaterPAP PRO Starter Kit, Includes: Four WaterPAP Setups, One Pole Clamp, One Bracket with Tube Guide