Versatile life support ventilation

ResMed’s Astral™ 100 and Astral™ 150 life support ventilators offer excellence in invasive and noninvasive ventilation without compromise. From initial setup to everyday use, Astral offers greater freedom, confident care, and designed efficiency to enrich life for you and your patients.

  • Greater freedom
    Astral’s discreet and lightweight design allows patients to go beyond the confines of the healthcare environment, while delivering real peace of mind to them, their clinicians and caregivers.
  • Confident care
    Astral offers a range of treatment options for both adult and paediatric patients. It is compatible with a variety of patient interfaces and is designed for both invasive and noninvasive applications.
  • Designed efficiency
    With easy setup, simple servicing and an intuitive interface, Astral is designed to make ventilation support straightforward and efficient.

Confident Care

Versatile treatment options
Astral delivers excellence in leak and valve ventilation for invasive and noninvasive applications, as well as providing a full suite of therapy modes to suit both adult and paediatric patients.

Simple patient setup
Astral’s intuitive interface, presettable programs and setup assistant allow for fast and accurate patient setup. The QuickConnect™ valve circuits have been specifically designed to reduce known and common setup errors so therapy can be delivered quickly and safely.

Easy monitoring
Real-time waveforms and patient information are displayed on the large colour touchscreen to ensure correct setup and to track patient condition. FiO2 and SpO2 are integrated to complete the therapy picture.

A full suite of modes offers versatile therapy options as the patient’s condition progresses.

Greater Freedom

Peace of mind with long battery life
Astral ventilators are designed for patient freedom. The combination of internal and external batteries provides up to 24-hours* run-time. Planning day-to-day activities is easier because Astral has the power to keep going, hour after hour.

Balancing battery capacity with portability
Mobility in its most practical sense requires balancing battery run-time with the weight and portability of the ventilator. At just 3.2 kg with an 8-hour internal battery, patients can now go longer, and travel further, knowing they have the reliability of Astral behind them.

Discreet by design
Contemporary design offers your patients a streamlined, discreet, life support device that sits quietly in the background.

* With the 8-hour internal battery and two 8-hour external batteries

Designed efficiency

Simplifying inventory management
Astral can treat a broad range of respiratory conditions in pediatric and adult patients, so just one device can go a lot further. Fast turnaround times and simple servicing also reduce the need for backup ventilators, saving both time and money.

Saving time during training and patient care
Astral’s intuitive interface and easy operation can minimize training time. Easy navigation with user-friendly menus enable quick and confident setup so you and your staff can focus on what’s important – the overall care of your patients.

Simple servicing
Easy servicing has been built into Astral. The pneumatic block can be quickly and seamlessly swapped during an in-field service or at the service center, reducing downtime for the device, and improving cost efficiencies.

The built-in Learn Circuit feature evaluates and compensates for resistance in the circuit to optimise ventilation and deliver the right pressure and flow at the mask.

Real-time pressure and flow waveforms display essential therapy parameters on the large touchscreen.