Hans Rudolph 6700 series mask

6700 V2 Mask ™ series, Non-Vented with Anti-Asphyxia Valve (AAV) Oro-Nasal Mask

The Hans Rudolph 6700 V2 Mask™ series are disposable, single-patient use, adult Oro-Nasal CPAP/BiLevel mask without any passive, continuous flow exhaust port built into the mask. It is intended for use with CPAP/BiLevel machines for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, and for use with other similar ventilators that incorporate the patient vent into the patient circuit instead of the mask and provide a minimum of 3 cmH2O pressure measured at the mask.

Covid 19 specific product info

The AARC Guidance Document of SARS CoV-2 recommends filtration of the exhalation port when using NIV in COVID 19 patients , therefore, the NIV masks used should not have an integrated exhalation port.   A separate port in the circuit should be used that can permit filtration of exhaled gases.


  • Five Sizes to cover a wide range of patient sizes.
  • Face Piece with new Facial Sealing Flange is a single piece mask, made of clear soft Thermoplastic Elastomer.
  • Anatomically Contoured Face Mask Design with ribbed support for a leak free comfortable fit.
  • Anti-Asphyxia Valve (AAV) for patient safety – allows patient to breathe room air if the flow device malfunctions. Valve opens at mask pressures less than 3cm H2O.
  • 360° Dual Swivel Elbow Port with Detachable Swivel Port for improved patient freedom of movement. Color coded translucent yellow.
  • Easily adjustable, light weight, 4 strap Headgear for patient comfort, available in three sizes.
  • New Quick-Release Strap Clips for quick & simple mounting & dismounting of headgear.
  • Lightweight, easy to use, high quality mask & headgear.
  • Low cost, disposable mask