Horizon™ Manual Resuscitator

The Horizon Manual Resuscitator allows you to deliver a high standard of patient care while effectively managing healthcare costs. Horizon Manual Resuscitators come standard with a bacterial/viral filter, oxygen reservoir and mask. Optional safety components and comfort features allow you create a custom resuscitator to meet the needs of each patient and of your facility’s budget.


  • Single patient use resuscitation/ventilation bag available in a variety of volumes.
  • Available with or without integrated pressure manometer.
  • Integrated color-coded pressure manometer effectively promotes proper pressure delivery (<20cmH2O); the tri-color fields alert to the risk level of delivered pressure.
  • Accurate pressure delivery helps reduce gastric insufflation, thus preventing vomiting, aspiration and resulting pneumonia.
  • Face mask proportionately sized to resuscitation bag size.
  • Select from a variety of components to assemble a custom resuscitation bag (see opposite side)

PVC Manual Resuscitator

Series Size Volume Stroke Volume PK
116-6100HZ Infant 300m 140-170ml 10
116-8100HZ Pediatric 750ml 2450ml 10
116-9100HZ Adult 1625ml 2600m 10

Silicone Manual Resuscitator

Series Size Volume Stroke Volume PK
116-6100HZ Infant 300m 140-170ml 10
116-7000HZ Child 550ml 340-360m 10
116-8000HZ Pediatric 1000ml 590-610ml 10
116-9000HZ Adult 1500ml 690-710ml 10

9100HZ Series
shown with integrated pressure
manometer and pop-off valve

Oxygen Reservoirs

 Inflatable O2 Bag

Closed system oxygen reservoir delivers higher FDO2 and provides visual indication of proper airflow

 Corrugated Tubing

For use with secondary oxygen supply; available in 24″ and 48″ lengths

Safety Components

 Integrated Pressure Manometer

The innovative color-coded dial clearly denotes pressure delivery:


A bacterial/viral filter provides effective protection for the healthcare provider during expiration

 Hand Strap

Maintain a positive grip
with a hand strap

Green     Target pressure level <20cmH2O
Yellow    Potentially dangerous pressure level
Red        Dangerous pressure leve

 Pop-Off Valves

40cm H2O & 25cm H2O
Allows clinician to use an
appropriate pop-off level

 PEEP Valves

Adjustable PEEP valves; 5-20cm H2O