Medical Dynamics Inc. is pleased to add Inovytec Ventway Sparrow portable EMS and MRI ventilators to its Solutions in Critical Care (SCC) portfolio of products.

SCC secured its agreement with Inovytec as the exclusive US distributor in April 2022, allowing SCC distribution partners, such as Medical Dynamics Inc., to offer the ventilators.

“We are excited to present the Ventway Sparrow line of ultra-portable turbine ventilators to our customers. We believe it will be a game-changer.” said Medical Dynamics Inc. President/CEO Bill Carmouche.

Lightweight, compact, and ultra-durable, the Ventway Sparrow ventilators provide a continuum of ventilation, supporting all ventilation modes (invasive and non-invasive) for adults and pediatric patients. The EMS ventilator can be utilized in the field, during transport and all the way to the ICU with in-hospital performance. With the same unique design, the MRI ventilator offers advanced capabilities to match all in-hospital transport scenarios.
The low-cost, low-maintenance ventilators are safe and effective tools for transporting patients to and within the hospital.

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