EasyGauge Regulator

EasyGauge Regulator


Its Safety is Built in…The Easy Gauge Reg features a built in pressure relief valve as well as a protected contents gauge. The low force Viton yoke seal provides a better tank-to-reg seal.

It's Accurate…The unique design minimizes the normal flow variation that occurs as tank pressure drops.

It's Flexible & Versatile…Comes in two body designs, yoke or nut style and is available in two (2) flow ranges: 0-8 lpm and 0-15 lpm.

Additional information

Part Number

0-15 LPM (Nut Style): 79-165415G
0-15 LPM (Yoke Style): 79-168715G
0-8 LPM (Nut Style): 79-165408G
0-8 LPM (Yoke Style): 79-168708G