ECO Bacterial Viral Filters

Developed in response to feedback from global respiratory professionals, the new Vitalograph Eco BVF™ range ensures that patients, medical personnel and equipment are properly protected from cross infection and contamination during pulmonary function testing.

Eco BVFs feature an electrostatically charged barrier that filters droplets, aerosols, bacteria and viruses out of the airstream with in excess of 99.999% efficiency.

Bacterial Viral Filters make cleaning the PFT equipment flowhead much simpler, saving time and money, and ensure compliance with the most stringent hygiene requirements within quality management systems.

The extended patient side of the filter with plastic bite on lip reduces costs by eliminating the need for expensive silicone bite-on mouthpieces.

Innovations in our manufacturing process have resulted in filters that occupy 54%* less space, thereby dramatically reducing the volume/bulk of filter waste generated, while maintaining full measurement accuracy on all PFT systems. All Vitalograph Eco BVFs and BVF/Disposable Nose Clip Kits are made from 100% recyclable materials.