Max Flo2

Max Flo2


The all-new MaxFLO2 from Maxtec is an affordable method for mixing and monitoring air and oxygen. The MaxFLO2 is available in two models:High Flow and Low Flow. Each unit comes equipped with dual flow meters and a mixed gas analysis port for intermittent or continuous monitoring of FiO2. Gas ratios are visibly identified on the face of the unit to allow for fast, accurate flow settings.

  • Quiet operation for minimal patient stimulation

  • Ownership is considerably lower than cost of blenders & blender maintenance

  • 24 month warranty

Additional information

Part Number

92- 223P01 Low Flow MaxFLO2
92- 223P01-003 Low Flow MaxFLO2 with MaxO2+
92- 223P01-005 Low Flow MaxFLO2 (NIST Fittings) with MaxO2+
92- 223P02 High Flow MaxFLO2
92- 223P02-003 High Flow MaxFLO2 with MaxO2+ Analyzer
92- 223P02-004 High Flow MaxFLO2 (NIST Fittings)
92- 223P02-005 High Flow MaxFLO2 (NIST Fittings)with MaxO2+
Analyzer 223P01-003 92- 223P01-004
Low Flow MaxFLO2 (NIST Fittings)