Pulmonary Function Testing (Filter Kit)

Pulmonary Function Testing (Filter Kit)


AllFLOW™ filters meet or exceed the highest standards in PFT filtering with minimal resistance and low dead space. Our unique Port Color Variety (PCV) reduces fumbling and contamination risk with filter mounting, providing easy administration with equipment. The wide selection of ports enable the professional to accurately obtain quality spirometry and lung function tests.

The AllFLOW™ filter uses a medium with high quality electrostatic properties that trap bacteria and viruses, preventing contamination to both the patient and equipment.


  • Low resistance for accurate spirometry and lung function testing

  • Minimal dead space as needed for lung volume and DLCO testing

  • Excellent filtration of bacteria and viruses

  • Eight standard port sizes tailored to fit a wide selection of equipment

  • Filters exceed ATS guidelines for all criteria


Color Filter Kit OD ID Quantity Order #
Gray 1000 filter with noseclip and mouthpiece 30 26.3 50/Box 107-5551595
Orange 3000 filter with noseclip and mouthpiece 48.5 45 50/Box 107-5553595
Medium Blue 4000 filter with noseclip and mouthpiece 34 30 50/Box 107-5554595
Medium Green 5000 filter with noseclip and mouthpiece 33.5 30 50/Box 107-5555595
Yellow 6000 filter with noseclip and mouthpiece 28.3* 28.7 50/Box 107-5556595
Bright Green 8000 filter with noseclip and mouthpiece 32.5 29.7 50/Box 107-5558595
Blue-Grey 9000 filter with noseclip and mouthpiece 37.95 34.60 50/Box 107-5559595

Additional information

Part Number

Blue-Grey 107-5559595
Bright Green 107-5558595
Gray 107-5551595
Medium Blue 107-5554595
Medium Green 107-5555595
Orange 107-5553595
Yellow 107-5556595