Sapphire™ Multi-Pump Mounting System

The Mounting System is designed to facilitate the use of multiple sapphire infusion pumps while saving valuable bed-side space and providing power consolidation. The Mounting System is designed to accommodate three mini cradles, and charge three infusion pumps via a single power outlet, all attached to an IV pole via a single clamp. The Mounting System can also accommodate the use of a single PCA Lockbox 250 when mounted on the right-hand mini cradle among the three. The Mounting System is compatible with the following infusion pumps: Sapphire Multi Therapy Infusion Pump, Sapphire PCA Infusion Pump, Sapphire TPN Infusion Pump, Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump, SapphireH100 Infusion Pump, SapphirePlus Infusion Pump, and IVVET Infusion Pump.