Septal H

Septal H


Helps prevent nasal septum breakdown and cannula dislodgement.
• Hydrocolloid base is gentle on
the skin
• Prevents epidermal stripping
• No skin residue after removal
• Allows easy repositioning of
cannula or tubes
• Utilize as a feeding tube
securement device
• Serves as a skin barrier when
used without the Velcro®
• Available in 4 sizes

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Part Number

99-CP5400 Septal-H™ Premie Size (80/cs)
99-CP5410 Septal-H™ Neonatal Size (80/cs)
99-CP5500 Septal-H™ Infant Size (80/cs)
99-CP5510 Septal-H™ Pediatric Size (80/cs)