HEART® (High Output Extended Aerosol Respiratory Therapy)

The HEART® continuous nebulizer for beta-agonist medication delivery to patients suffering from asthma, COPD, and acute bronchospasms.

Complete family of continuous nebulizers for specific aerosol delivery objectives and circumstances.
MMAD 2-3 µm


The family of HEART Continuous Nebulizers offers many options for exceptional versatility to meet all of your continuous nebulization requirements.

Original HEART Continuous Nebulizer (purple Top)

  • Operates at 10-15 L/min for up to 8 hours of use
  • 240 mL reservoir volume

MiniHEART Lo-Flo® (clear)

  • Operates at 1 to 2 L/min, making it ideal for interfacing with ventilator circuits and for delivering treatments to CO2 retainers
  • 30 mL reservoir volume

MiniHEART Hi-Flo® (purple tint)

  • Operates at 8 L/min for up to 90 minutes, making it an ideal device for bronchodilator rescue therapy in the Emergency Department.
  • 30 mL reservoir volume

IV HEART (blue top)

  • Operates at 10-15 L/min for up to 4 hours of use
  • 100 mL reservoir volume

UniHEART Universal Nebulizer (Cranberry top)

  • Operates at 2 – 4 L/min for up to 2.5 hours, making it ideal for continuous mask therapy in cooperative children
  • 10 mL reservoir volume
  • Lo-Flo setups for inline delivery of continuous medication delivery.
  • Spring loaded valve ensures no ventilator leak, if nebulizer should become disconnected
  • Neonate and adult valves available

The Hi-Flo® MiniHEART Circulaire® II is the ideal device for the “asthma rescue” in the Emergency Department.