• As a clinician in the NICU, you are keenly aware of the many difficulties in keeping devices attached to infant patients. Capette and Strapette effectively solve this problem. Both of these products are adhesive free and protect the infants from skin damage. They provide a standard head band that is easy to apply, and tube tackles which can attach anywhere to hold whatever tubing you are using. The head band and tube tackles can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds for a more efficient assembly.

  • Our latex-free EyeMax 2 provides optimum comfort and protection for patients during phototherapy treatments. The one-piece, wraparound design has two attachment points that can be adjusted independently; this both prevents unwanted movement and allows for a perfect fit. The special ultraviolet light eye-protection pad was ergonomically designed to prevent light leakage.

  • The HEART® (High Output Extended Aerosol Respiratory Therapy) continuous nebulizer was the defining first-to-market device in the now well-established realm of continuous nebulization of beta-agonist medications for asthma, COPD and acute bronchospasm. The HEART continuous nebulizer defined the paradigm and then Westmed expanded it by adding a complete family of continuous nebulizers for specific aerosol delivery objectives and circumstances.

  • Muc-Away

    The Muc-Away Nasal Aspiration Device is a simple, safe, and non-invasive way to clear nasal passages in neonates. Unlike other nasal suction devices, the Muc-Away features a transparent tip and tubing to enable easy visualization of aspirated fluids for greater confidence in neonatal care. Designed for a comfortable fit without irritation, the Muc-Away Comfort Soft Plus® Tip creates a gentle seal in the nares to protect the fragile nasal mucosa.
  • Connect the Neo-Vent™ Infant T-piece Resuscitation Circuit to your neonatal resuscitator for reliable, cost-effective performance in newborn resuscitation procedures. Available in both ambient and heated humidified gas models, Neo-Vent™ circuits are simple to set up and easy to use. They enable confident command of inflation pressures to avoid barotrauma. The circuit’s straight forward, finger activated controls allow you to safely and effectively regulate PIP, Inspiratory Time and Breathing Rate.
  • Helps prevent nasal septum breakdown and cannula dislodgement. • Hydrocolloid base is gentle on the skin • Prevents epidermal stripping • No skin residue after removal • Allows easy repositioning of cannula or tubes • Utilize as a feeding tube securement device • Serves as a skin barrier when used without the Velcro® • Available in 4 sizes

  • The SuperDome is designed to simplify oxygen therapy needs for infants and neonates. The perforated flaps allow our “one size fits all” design to work in any application. The SuperDome is made from high-quality medical grade plastic and is held in place by two weights.

    • Unique “one-size-fits-all” design • Multiple Oxygen ports for convenience in supplying gas to patient • Disposable hood with reusable weights

  • Designed with the busiest NICU in mind, the WaterPAP Pro features an internal canister with a zero level limiter. When heated, humidified air reaches room temperature water in the canister, the air bubbles are cooled and release water. This release of water adds to the water level in the canister over time and thereby adds to the CPAP pressure the patient is receiving. WaterPAP Pro directs this excess water out of the inner canister through the zero level limiter, eliminating the need to aspirate on a regular basis. The WaterPAP Pro zero level limiter takes care of the inadvertently drained water and brings the level back to zero without the need for intervention.

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