AcuCare F1-0 Hospital Non-Vented Full Face Mask

AcuCare F1‐0 hospital non‐vented full face mask is part of ResMed’s range of high‐quality disposable patient interfaces for the hospital.

Key Features:

  • Non‐vented mask for ventilators requiring a dual circuit, or single circuit, with integrated expiratory valve.
  • Color‐coded, easily identifiable, and designed to fit with common breathing circuits used in hospitals around the world.
  • Blue elbow indicates the mask is non‐vented without an anti‐asphyxia valve (AAV); to be used with a vented circuit.
  • Single patient use for up to 7 days.
  • Sizing template located on packaging for quick mask sizing identification.
  • Please note: This mask must be used with breathing circuits or positive pressure ventilation (PPV) devices that provide their own method of venting expired or supplemental gases

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NV AcuCare F1-0 FFM:
Small (Case 20) 104-60750
Small (Case 5) 104-60980
NV AcuCare F1-0 FFM:
Medium (Case 20) 104-60751
Medium (Case 5) 104-60981
NV AcuCare F1-0 FFM:
Large (Case 20) 104-60752
Large (Case 5) 104-60982

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