Max Blend II

Max Blend II


Maxtec is proud to introduce the all-new MaxBlend 2, designed with years of customer feedback in mind. This easy-to-use, low-maintenance blender has a host of new features and improvements, including a backlit LCD and acrylic flow meter, smart alarms, DC power port, extended battery life, and more—all backed by the Maxtec two-year warranty.
Maxtec combines their advanced air/O2 blending technology with their globally acclaimed oxygen monitoring technology. Maxtec offers the Low-Flow and High-Flow blenders with a built-in monitor that allows you to measure oxygen percentage in a clean and dry environment, away from the patient.
• Three-in-one blender
• Helps eliminate cross-contamination
• Provides measurements free from temperature, pressure, and humidity
• Large, backlit LCD with low-light sensor
• 15% to 99% low alarm capabilities
• Multiple flow meter configurations and bleed control
• DC power port for optional, remote power supply
• Smart alarms – sets alarms 3% +/- current reading

Additional information

Part Number

0-15 LPM Flow Meter DISS Connector 92-229P01-010
0-15 LPM Flow Meter NIST Connector 92-229P01-027
0-3 LPM Flow Meter DISS Connector 92-229P01-011
0-3 LPM Flow Meter NIST Connector 92-229P01-030
0-30 LPM Flow Meter DISS Connector 92-229P01-001
0-30 LPM Flow Meter NIST Connector 92-229P01-004