MaxBlend Lite

MaxBlend Lite


When paired with an existing, stand-alone blender, the MaxBlend Lite provides the added functionality of a backlit O2 monitor, acrylic flow meter, smart alarms, DC power port, extended battery life, and more. This product securely attaches to your blender using a Maxtec-proprietary adapter block.

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Part Number

MaxBlend High-Flow, w/ 0-70 LPM Flowmeter 92-229P03-004
MaxBlend Low-Flow, w/ 0-15 LPM Flowmeter 92-229P03-002
MaxBlend Low-Flow, w/ 0-3 LPM Flowmeter 92-229P03-001
MaxBlend Low-Flow, w/ 0-30 LPM Flowmeter 92-229P03-003