Heli02 – Blender

Heli02 – Blender


It is the only free-standing pneumatic HeliO2 blending device on the market today. The ability to turn the bleed control collar ON or OFF provides ± 3% FIO2 accuracy as well as quieter operation and maximal Heliox tank durations.

It's Durable and Modular…The tough ABS housing makes the unit durable and the selection control knob is recessed to prevent inadvertent changes in IO2. The modular design can reduce maintenance time and costs. The unit can be easily maintained by all biomed departments.

It's Versatile and User Friendly…
The unit is available in 4 models, high flow 80/20 or 70/30 and low flow 80/20 or 70/30. When paired with the optional cylinder clamp and pole, clinician set up time is greatly reduced and tank changes are easy. Multiple accessories can conform to clinician and patient needs.

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Part Number

High Flow HeliOx Blender 70/30: 79-PM5570
High Flow HeliOx Blender 80/20: 79-PM5580
Low Flow HeliOx Blender 70/30: 79-PM5470
Low Flow HeliOx Blender 80/20: 79-PM5480