Neb Block

Neb Block


The Neb Block makes your job easier.
It Increases Productivity…Neb treatments, resuscitation bags or equipment power are all available with this unique product. All equipment can be kept connected and ready for use when needed.
It Saves Time…You simply need to push the switch from “OFF” to “ON” to deliver a neb treatment or utilize a resuscitation bag.
It's Preset…The outlet barb is available in 6 pre-set flows for easy delivery of treatment.
It's Versatile…Need power for equipment? The Neb Block is equipped with a 50 psi power take off to allow use of any equipment that requires 50 psi power.
It's Convenient…The Neb Block is available with either chrome or compact flowmeters. Connections for all wall outlet styles are available.

Additional information

Part Number

10-11 LPM (No Adapter): 79-NB6100
14-16 LPM (No Adapter): 79-NB6150
24-26 LPM (No Adapter): 79-NB6240
6-7 LPM (No Adapter): 79-NB6060
7-8 LPM (No Adapter): 79-NB6070
8-9 LPM (No Adapter): 79-NB6080