Eagle 1 Mask

Eagle 1 Mask


The 7301 Eagle 1 Mask is a disposable single-patient use, Oro-Nasal masks intended to administer oxygen or other breathing gases into the upper airway for short term or emergency applications of noninvasive respiratory support or ventilation in hospital, transport vehicle, institutional or other clinical settings on patients that weigh > 30 kilograms. The Eagle 2 series mask has a supplemental, membrane-sealed port for use during insertion of a bronchoscope or other endoscopic device into the the patient’s airway while still administering oxygen and other breathing gases. This mask also has a hose barb and female luer integrated in the mask dome
Product Features:
Light Weight
Low Deadspace
Overmold design effectively one piece construction
Anatomical shaped Dual Facial Sealing Flanges
Color coded for Size indication
Bio Compatible materials
Integrated Chin Cup for mask stabilization
Water Clear mask dome
22 mm Female medical tapered mask Port
Eagle 2 series includes integrated Hose Barb, Female Luer & Endoscopic Port
Headgear Strap mounting posts integral to mask
3 sizes of a Multi Laminate Headgear with Quick-Release features
Install & Remove Mask from patient without removal of Headgear from Mask

Additional information

Part Number

Large: 115001
Medium: 115002
Small: 115003