EZ Communication Boards

EZ Communication Boards

The Vidatak EZ Communication Board is an evidence-based, patient communication board designed by patients and supported by clinical research to improve patient satisfaction, reduce frustration, and improve patient outcomes. They are the perfect communication aid for providing point-of-care, readily available communication resources for patients who are rendered unable to speak. The EZ Boards are 17 x 11, two-sided, dry-erase boards which come individually shrink-wrapped with dry-erase marker. Today, the EZ Boards are available in 17 languages and as a Picture Board.

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Board Specifications:

  • Designed for mechanically ventilated, non-verbal, and non-English speaking patients.
  • Large and easy-to-read images and words. – Board size is 11x 17.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Comes with an attached black sharpie for additional communication support.
  • Available in 20 languages
  • Labeled single patient use.

• The EZ Board is the only clinical, research-based communication intervention for the non-verbal patient/resident, and it was designed by patients and clinicians.

• EZ Picture Board &Word Board including NEW EZ Spiritual Care Board developed by a healthcare chaplain.

• Evidence-based communication tools. • Available in 20 bilingual languages.

• Medical communication board for non-verbal and non-English speaking patients.

• EZ Board has been clinically proven to reduce patient/resident frustration and increase satisfaction with care.

• You will find the EZ Board to be an essential communication tool for patients/residents with communication impairments.

• Using this board the verbally-disabled can express wants, convey needs, and indicate the type, degree, and location of pain that they may be experiencing.


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