The Hans Rudolph Metro Seal™ is a disposable, medical adhesive and
thermoplastic elastomer, tube securement device intended to hold securely
in place on the patient’s face an accessory tube which is routed under a face
mask and to thus enable a seal between the mask, tube and patient’s skin.The
Metro Seal is intended to be used with any size Hans Rudolph oro-nasal mask
when it is necessary to pass and secure an accessory tube (12 to 18 French)
under the mask to the patient’s nasal or oral orifices from somewhere outside
of the mask. The accessory tubes involved may include but are not limited to
nasogastric tubes and esophageal balloon catheters. The associated masks
involve applications for single and bilevel CPAP, Non-Invasive
Ventilation, and other clinical or research settings by individuals that have
received at least minimal instruction or training on the use of the Metro Seal as
well as the device and system with which the Metro Seal is associated.