MySign S Pulse Oximeter

MySign S Pulse Oximeter


The MySign S Pulse Oximeter measures arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and plethysmographic pulse waves. The monitor can be used as a portable or stationary device in emergency medical services, rescue situations, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient settings. With it’s sophisticated design, the MySign S guarantees ease of use, outstanding robustness and exceptional performance.

Small, lightweight, ergonomic
Shock protected (IK 05)
Water protected (IP 54)
All-purpose mounting
2.8″ large, high-contrast and rotating display

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Part Number

R124P10 MySign® S Pulse Oximeter
R124P10-001 MySign® S w/Soft Tip Probe
R124P10-002 MySign® S w/Finger Probe :
R124P10-003 MySign® S w/Disposable Probe