Delivering oxygen therapy is a common treatment provided by emergency medical professionals. However, a common concern among clinicians is aerosolized contaminants that put them at risk of infection when a patient exhales.
The concern is compounded when the oxygen mask must be removed to alternate delivering nebulized medications.
Now, emergency medical professionals can provide quality care with a clinically superior product that is designed to keep clinicians safe.

FLO2MAX from Solutions in Critical Care

The FLO2MAX is a filtered, closed oxygen mask breathing system with 99.99% filtration efficiency that can simultaneously deliver oxygen and nebulized medications.

Closed Oxygen Mask Breathing System

  • No openings on mask prevents cross-contamination
  • Aluminum clip on nose secures seal
Efficiently Delivers Oxygen
  • Delivers low, medium and high O2 concentrations
  • Delivers higher FiO2 than non-rebreather and/or cannula
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Provides 99.99% Bacterial and Viral Filtration Efficiency
  • A disc-shaped, one-way inhalation valve opens up to deliver the oxygen and/or nebulized medication on inhalation.
  • The valve closes on exhalation, forcing the air through the ring-shaped 3M Submicron Hydrophobic Filter before passing through the exhalation valve.
Y Adaptor Enables Simultaneous O2 and Nebulized Medication Delivery
  • Prevents alternating between therapies
  • Reduces clinician exposure
  • Saves time
  • Provides better care to the patient with consistent therapy delivery
Note: Two gas sources required