Pedi-Fit Nasal Mask / Pedi-Fit Full Face Mask

The Artemis Pedi-Fit Non-Invasive Pediatric Nasal and Full-Face Masks were
specifically designed to right-fit respiratory patients in the Pediatric Intensive
Care Unit (PICU). The soft, molded silicone material and flexible forehead pad
ensure the excellent seal and patient comfort during CPAP and VPAP therapy.

Pedi-Fit Features
• Molded silicone mask cushion provides excellent seal and comfort
• Unique clip pivots the mask to conform to the patient’s nose, preventing
air from leaking into the patient’s eyes
• Flexible, one-piece forehead pad evenly conforms to the forehead for stability
• Quiet air vent minimizes noises and enables efficient CO2
• Each design is available in four sizes enabling healthcare providers to
right-fit each patient