Sapphire multi-therapy infusion system is a complete solution for varied clinical uses in hospital and ambulatory settings. Offering outstanding performance, ease of use and reliability, Sapphire combines high-end volumetric infusion pump functionality with compact size and low weight.

Sapphire is based on a unique combination of patented Q Core Flow Control Technology, innovative hardware design, intuitive touch-screen and software control, and low total cost of ownership. With its robust design, easy maintenance and built-in adaptability to evolving requirements, Sapphire delivers medication infusion confidence now, and far into the future. This same technology powers a wide range of dedicated infusion pumps, creating a single-platform that answers all medical infusion needs.

The Q Core Sapphire™ advanced multi-therapy infusion pump is designed for PCA, TPN, Continuous, Piggyback, Intermittent and Epidural treatments.

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Sapphire Multi Theraphy

Sapphire Infusion Pump
Mounting Solutions

Sapphire Multi Theraphy(EMS)

One infusion pump, multiple therapies

  • Multi-therapy capable: TPN, PCA, continuous, multi-step,

piggyback, intermittent, epidural, and PIEB

  • Intuitive point-of-care programming
  • Configurable settings and patient-specific parameters
  • Highest ±2.5% accuracy rate
  • Easy switch between pump and gravity infusion

Exceptional ease that drives patient safety

  • Large, clear, color touchscreen
  • Quick setup for rapid response
  • 4 lock levels
  • Dual anti-free flow mechanism in pump and administration set
  • Auto restart after downstream occlusion
  • Resume option after shutdown during infusion
  • On-screen alarm troubleshooting

Future-ready care and confidence

  • Flexible software-driven pump for versatility and fast
  • Cost-effective upgrades, including additional therapy modes
  • Powerful platform, one user interface for any infusion need




Thrive with low total cost of ownership

  • Minimized costs throughout product life-cycle, from purchase

to upgrade

  • High uptime, with unique pumping mechanism that reduces

wear on moving parts

  • Remote upgrading online and on-site annual certification
  • Reduced spending on training and inventory, based on

feature-rich functionality and one common user interface

across all therapies

  • Highly durable with high protection against fluids, impact and power surges







Special Features

  • Easy to use, Customizable, Preprogram (70 pre-set protocols), automatic lockout,on-screen alarm information & troubleshooting instructions, hard limits set up (with and without drug library), lock level password, protected programming, event log, custom drug library compatible

Pump Type

  • Volumetric, single-channel, touch screen pump, Q Core Flow Control

Multi-Therapy Infusion Modes

  • Continuous, Multi-step, TPN, Intermittent, PCA, Epidural, and Secondary (Piggyback)


  • (H x W x D) 143 x 96 x 49 mm (5.63 x 3.78 x 1.93 in)


  • 418 g (14.7 oz) without battery

Touch Screen

  • 3.2” color portrait QVGA (64K colors)


  • Rechargeable Li-lon battery 7.4V 1960mA/h

Battery Operation Time

  • ~24 hrs @ 125 mL/h
  • Power Source
  • AC adaptor 100 – 240 VAC 50 – 60 Hz


Volume (VTBI)

  • 1 – 9,999 ml with increments of 0.1 mL

Flow Rate

  • 0.1-999 mL/h with increments of 0.1 mL/h
  • PCA: Basal rate 0.1-99.9 mL/h, Bolus rate up to 600 mL/h
  • Epidural: Basal rate 0.1-25 mL/h, Bolus / Dose rate 125mL/h or 200 mL/h
  • KVO Rate
  • Up to 20 mL/h with increments of 0.1 mL/h
  • Flow Rate Accuracy
  • ± 2.5% according to IEC 60601-2-24
  • Disposable Set
  • Automatic anti-free-flow set
  • Downstream Occlusion
  • Up to 17.4 PSI (1.2 Bar)
  • Prime
  • Manual or automatic priming (600 or 900 mL/h)
  • Degree of Protection Against Ingress of Water and Dust
  • IP24 splash/dust standard according to IEC 60601-1-11


  • Approved for air and ground medical transportation
  • Please reload
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice






Part number


124-05020-110-0213 Sapphire Pump Communication Cable (ea)
124-12000-000-0022 AP206 – Macrobore infusion set with non-vented spike, 1.2µm filter (20/set)
124-12000-000-0044 AP433 – Macrobore infusion set with vented/non-vented drip chamber, roller clamp and needleless Y-site (20/set)
124-12003-000-0013 AP403 – Microbore infusion set with non-vented spike (30/set)
124-12003-000-0012 AP416 (Half Set) AP416 (Half Set) Microbore Infusion Set with Femaie Luer lock, FX administration cassette,slide clamp, needless Y-Site & Spin Male Luer Lock (30/box)
124-12003-000-0023 AP423 – Microbore infusion set with non-vented spike and back check valve (30/set) ..
124-12003-000-0024 AP424 – Microbore infusion set with non-vented spike, side arm with female luer lock and back check valve (30/set)
124-12003-000-0069 AP240 – Microbore infusion set with non-vented spike, 1.2µm filter and back check valve (20/set)
124-12005-000-0003 AP409 – Macrobore primary infusion set with vented/non-vented drip chamber, back check valve, roller clamp and 2 needleless Y-site (30/set)
124-12006-000-0010 AP133 – Macrobore blood infusion set with 2 non-vented spikes, 200µm filter, 3 roller clamps and needleless Y-site (20/set)
124-15020-010-0002 Saphhire Pump Travel Case (ea)
124-15042-000-0010 Sapphire Mini Cradle without Splitter
124-15063-000-0001 PCA Lockbox 250mL (ea)
124-15070-112-0005 AC Power Cord for Sapphire Pump
124-15071-000-0005 Bolus Handle
124-15072-000-0007 Sapphire Power Supply (ea)
124-15077-000-0001 Sapphire Pump RS 232 Adapter (ea)
124-17000-026-0007 Sapphire Mini Cradle with Splitter
124-17000-028-0061 Sapphire Multi-Therapy Infusion Pump
124-FA910A655 Triple Sapphire Pole Mount w/2 Telescoping IV Poles
124-FA910A664 Double Sapphire Pole Mount w/2 Telescoping IV Poles
124-FA910A670 Single Sapphire Pole Mount w/1 Telescoping IV Pole
124-FA911A115 Double Sapphire Wedge Mount w/2 Telescoping IV Poles (Does not include the ProV Receiver Part #FM300A100)
124-FA911A120 Triple Sapphire Wedge Mount w/2 Telescoping IV Poles (Does not include the ProV Receiver Part #FM300A100)
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Accessory Description
Multi Pump Mounting System










The Mounting System is designed to facilitate the use of multiple pumps while saving valuable bed-side space and providing power consolidation. The Mounting System is designed to accommodate three mini cradles, and charge three pumps via a single power outlet, all attached to an IV pole via a single clamp. The Mounting System can also accommodate the use of a single PCA Lockbox 250 when mounted on the right-hand mini cradle among the three. The Mounting System is compatible with the following infusion pumps: Sapphire Multi Therapy Infusion Pump, Sapphire PCA Infusion Pump, Sapphire TPN Infusion Pump, Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump, SapphireH100 Infusion Pump, SapphirePlus Infusion Pump, and IVVET Infusion Pump.

Main features and benefits:

  • Carry handle for carrying the Mounting System
  • Replaceable consolidated Power Supply
  • Clamp designed to firmly grip the IV pole
  • IV pole locking Mechanism to secure Mounting System to IV pole


Bolus Handle

# 124-05022-410-0001




The unique, ergonomically designed Bolus Handle is designed for convenience, reliability and long lasting operation.

The Q Core bolus handle:

  • Is specially designed for effortless patient controlled treatment
  • Connects to the Hospital Cradle or directly to pump
  • Can be conveniently hung within reach
Li-Ion Battery Pack






All Sapphire pumps are supplied with a smart rechargeable battery, an accurate capacity indicator, and log recording of charge/discharge.  Q Core battery ensures prolonged operation of the pump with its long-life capacity and quick recharge.


  • Li-Ion 7.2V
  • 24-hour capacity at 125ml/hr
  • Simple replacement
External Battery

Pack # 124-15079-111-0001









The Sapphire External Battery Pack is designed to provide an alternative power source to the Sapphire pump system in cases where the pump internal battery cannot be recharged, for instance users who require ongoing infusion during travel, as well as users in areas that suffer prolonged power outages.

Main features and benefits:

  • Hold 6 AA batteries, providing 15-20 hours of operation time*
  • Safe and easy to use; does not require special training or knowledge
  • Battery status is clearly visible on the product, and batteries may be replaced without disrupting the infusion treatment

Include a shoulder strap for safe and easy transportation

* When internal pump battery is depleted, at 125 mL/h rate, with backlight OFF. Operation time may vary depending on battery brand

Homecare Large Backpack
















Sapphire dedicated backpack is especially designed to facilitate the use of infusion by TPN homecare patients. It allows the patients to comfortably carry the infusion pump and bag with them while continuing their daily routine, as well as providing a convenient pack for the infusion during the night.

Main features and benefits:

Suitable for carrying up to 4 liter infusion bags

‘Velcro-free’ to allow quiet handling during nighttime.

Designed with padded shoulders and back sweat pads, waist strap, and a carrying handle for comfortable transportation. Shoulder and waist straps can be removed and hidden when not in use.

Designed as a regular backpack to prevent the “medical equipment” look, and includes additional storage spaces for Infusion set, cell phone, keys, wallet, 500ml water bottle, infusion pump, and external battery pack

Received the approval of UK LITRE (Looking into the Requirements for Equipment) organization

Includes hanging system, leads and latches for the infusion bag and line to prevent occlusion

Includes a transparent external compartment for the infusion pump for easy access to the pump screen without the need to move or rearrange the infusion layout

Bag structure includes hard panels for further protection of the infusion elements

PCA Lockbox 100 mL

# 124-15061-131-0004



The 100 ml box fits in the Q Core Portable Pouch  for “anywhere” treatment, allowing patients quality of life and full ambulation even when potent drugs are infused.

The PCA100 box:

  • Is small and lightweight
  • Allows patient access to bolus button and Start/Stop key
PCA Lockbox 250 mL

# 124-15063-000-0001











The PCA Lockbox 250 mL enables the secure containment of narcotics IV bags with volume of up to 250 mL, when using a Sapphire pump. The PCA Lockbox 250 mL limits the accessibility of the staff and patients to the administered narcotics or opioids, minimizing the risk of error and misuse.

Main features and benefits:

  • Suitable for hospital and homecare environments
  • Allows for safe and accurate treatment with no interruption to infusion
  • Transparent for clear view of the entire treatment and treatment progress.
  • Easily attaches to the pump mini-cradle for use on IV poles
  • Includes organizer for easy layout of infusion line, preventing disruption of infusion
  • Designed with a comfortable carry handle and shoulder strap for patient mobility during treatment
  • Color stickers for easy identification of the therapy used with the Lockbox, in order to ensure correct treatment delivery from a distance



MULTI-THERAPY Infusion Pump System

  • The Sapphire multi-therapy infusion system is a complete solution for varied clinical uses in hospital, ambulatory and prehospital settings.
  • Approved for air and ground medical transportation.
  • Compact, lightweight device that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Consistent accuracy with robust performance
  • Single solution fits all, for any infusion need
  • Software-driven and built-in adaptability
  • Offering outstanding performance, ease of use and reliability, Sapphire combines high-end volumetric infusion pump functionality with compact size and low weight.
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