• The unique modular design can cut routine maintenance time in half as well as reduce maintenance costs. The unit has easy to replace modular components and is easily maintained by any biomed department.

    It's User Friendly...A large selection control knob makes oxygen percentage adjustments easy. The infection control friendly housing is smooth and easy to clean.

    It's a High Performance Unit... The highly accurate unit maintains Fi02% even at low flows. It is economical and provides costs savings with less waste.

    It's Unique... It is the only unit available that allows the bleed control to be on or off providing quieter operation. This feature is especially useful in the NICU and PICU.It's Durable... The tough ABS housing makes the unit durable and the selection control knob is recessed preventing accidental damage.

    It's Versatile... The unit is available in two models, high and low flow. The Blender is easily mounted with a universal mounting bracket. It can be detached from the mounting bracket without removing hoses.

  • The Blender Buddy turns your blender into the ultimate blending device. Its robust design provides quality and reliability needed to ensure the ultimate patient care. This product securely attaches to your blender using a specific independent block (see part numbers below) to ensure that it doesn't swivel or move inadvertently. The oxygen port on the top of the manifold allows gas to be analyzed in a clean and dry environment away from the patient to avoid cross-contamination.

    • Robust blender extension for 2 flow meters • Includes an analyzer port for accurate fiO2 readings • Comes standard with a low-flow and high-flow flow meter (0-3.0 & 0-15 lpm)

  • It is the only free-standing pneumatic HeliO2 blending device on the market today. The ability to turn the bleed control collar ON or OFF provides ± 3% FIO2 accuracy as well as quieter operation and maximal Heliox tank durations.

    It's Durable and Modular...The tough ABS housing makes the unit durable and the selection control knob is recessed to prevent inadvertent changes in IO2. The modular design can reduce maintenance time and costs. The unit can be easily maintained by all biomed departments.

    It's Versatile and User Friendly... The unit is available in 4 models, high flow 80/20 or 70/30 and low flow 80/20 or 70/30. When paired with the optional cylinder clamp and pole, clinician set up time is greatly reduced and tank changes are easy. Multiple accessories can conform to clinician and patient needs.

  • Maxtec is proud to introduce the all-new MaxBlend 2, designed with years of customer feedback in mind. This easy-to-use, low-maintenance blender has a host of new features and improvements, including a backlit LCD and acrylic flow meter, smart alarms, DC power port, extended battery life, and more—all backed by the Maxtec two-year warranty. Maxtec combines their advanced air/O2 blending technology with their globally acclaimed oxygen monitoring technology. Maxtec offers the Low-Flow and High-Flow blenders with a built-in monitor that allows you to measure oxygen percentage in a clean and dry environment, away from the patient.
  • When paired with an existing, stand-alone blender, the MaxBlend Lite provides the added functionality of a backlit O2 monitor, acrylic flow meter, smart alarms, DC power port, extended battery life, and more. This product securely attaches to your blender using a Maxtec-proprietary adapter block.
  • The MicroMax™ Microblender features delivery of accurate FiO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of 15-120 LPM (High Flow) and 3-3- LPM (Low Flow). Maximum combined flows are greater than or equal to 120 LPM (High Flow) and 30 LPM (Low Flow). When equipped with the Maxtec Blender Buddy, the MicroMax provides users with a complete mixing package complete with a blender, two flow meters and an oxygen analyzer (sold separately).

    · High Flow and Low Flow Models · Unique, Durable and Versatile · ON/OFF Bleed Control · Includes Universal Mounting Bracket · Available with Blender Buddy