• Arterial blood gas sampling is an invasive procedure that can result in accidental needlestick injury and exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The Pulset™ ABG Syringe features SafetyTip™ Needlestick Protection to help prevent accidental needlestick injuries in your care setting. SafetyTip™ Needlestick Protection is engineered as an integral part of the needle to comply with all FDA, OSHA and NIOSH guidelines. Intuitive, single hand safety activation is easy to learn and simple to use. Distinctive by design, SafetyTip™ provides optimum visualization of the insertion site. With the needle bevel facing up, the protective sheath aligns parallel to the syringe barrel, resulting in a clear, unobstructed view. In addition, the patented Dual Locking design promotes your safety by securely covering the needle with an audible click.

  • Westmed makes a number of unique blood gas sampling kits for special applications, such as drawing specimens from arterial catheters (A-lines) in patients of all ages and umbilical artery lines (UA-lines) in neonates. In addition, a special kit is available for the Labor & Delivery Suite and NICU to obtain a pair of labeled umbilical cord specimens (arterial and venous) shortly after birth for cord blood gases and pH.

  • The MySign S Pulse Oximeter measures arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and plethysmographic pulse waves. The monitor can be used as a portable or stationary device in emergency medical services, rescue situations, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient settings. With it’s sophisticated design, the MySign S guarantees ease of use, outstanding robustness and exceptional performance. Small, lightweight, ergonomic Shock protected (IK 05) Water protected (IP 54) All-purpose mounting 2.8″ large, high-contrast and rotating display Online Brochure
  • The Neo-Pod “T” maintains proper conditioning of inspiratory gas during brief as well as lengthy transport situations to help maintain the infant’s neutral thermal environment and prevent inspissation of airway secretions. Adequate inspired gas temperatures are associated with a lower incidence of pneumothorax and a decreased severity of chronic lung disease in ventilated very low birth weight infants. Mechanical ventilation during transport, even bagging, without humidification, can result in heat loss through the lungs, making proper thermoregulation more difficult.

  • Pedi-Fit Nasal Mask / Pedi-Fit Full Face Mask

    The Artemis Pedi-Fit Non-Invasive Pediatric Nasal and Full-Face Masks were specifically designed to right-fit respiratory patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The soft, molded silicone material and flexible forehead pad ensure the excellent seal and patient comfort during CPAP and VPAP therapy.

    Pedi-Fit Features • Molded silicone mask cushion provides excellent seal and comfort • Unique clip pivots the mask to conform to the patient’s nose, preventing air from leaking into the patient’s eyes • Flexible, one-piece forehead pad evenly conforms to the forehead for stability • Quiet air vent minimizes noises and enables efficient CO2 washout • Each design is available in four sizes enabling healthcare providers to right-fit each patient
  • AnaPod


    The Findings Favor the ANAPOD™ Humidification System

    The ANAPOD Humi-Therm Heated Humidification System provides active transtracheal heating and humidification, resulting in unequaled core temperature management when compared to passive warming methods. In addition, the unique circuit design enables you to deliver the advantages of core temperature regulation in adult and pediatric cases throughout surgery, recovery, and patient transport applications.
  • As a clinician in the NICU, you are keenly aware of the many difficulties in keeping devices attached to infant patients. Capette and Strapette effectively solve this problem. Both of these products are adhesive free and protect the infants from skin damage. They provide a standard head band that is easy to apply, and tube tackles which can attach anywhere to hold whatever tubing you are using. The head band and tube tackles can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds for a more efficient assembly.

  • Eye Max


    Our latex-free EyeMax 2 provides optimum comfort and protection for patients during phototherapy treatments. The one-piece, wraparound design has two attachment points that can be adjusted independently; this both prevents unwanted movement and allows for a perfect fit. The special ultraviolet light eye-protection pad was ergonomically designed to prevent light leakage.

  • Maxtec is proud to introduce the all-new MaxBlend 2, designed with years of customer feedback in mind. This easy-to-use, low-maintenance blender has a host of new features and improvements, including a backlit LCD and acrylic flow meter, smart alarms, DC power port, extended battery life, and more—all backed by the Maxtec two-year warranty. Maxtec combines their advanced air/O2 blending technology with their globally acclaimed oxygen monitoring technology. Maxtec offers the Low-Flow and High-Flow blenders with a built-in monitor that allows you to measure oxygen percentage in a clean and dry environment, away from the patient.
  • The all-new MaxFLO2 from Maxtec is an affordable method for mixing and monitoring air and oxygen. The MaxFLO2 is available in two models:High Flow and Low Flow. Each unit comes equipped with dual flow meters and a mixed gas analysis port for intermittent or continuous monitoring of FiO2. Gas ratios are visibly identified on the face of the unit to allow for fast, accurate flow settings.

    • Quiet operation for minimal patient stimulation

    • Ownership is considerably lower than cost of blenders & blender maintenance

    • 24 month warranty

  • When paired with an existing, stand-alone blender, the MaxBlend Lite provides the added functionality of a backlit O2 monitor, acrylic flow meter, smart alarms, DC power port, extended battery life, and more. This product securely attaches to your blender using a Maxtec-proprietary adapter block.
  • Muc-Away

    The Muc-Away Nasal Aspiration Device is a simple, safe, and non-invasive way to clear nasal passages in neonates. Unlike other nasal suction devices, the Muc-Away features a transparent tip and tubing to enable easy visualization of aspirated fluids for greater confidence in neonatal care. Designed for a comfortable fit without irritation, the Muc-Away Comfort Soft Plus® Tip creates a gentle seal in the nares to protect the fragile nasal mucosa. What's more, an ergonomic Thumb Control Port allows you to easily manage suction pressures to keep the baby comfortable and safe.